About Kimoyou


Ki (wearing), Mono (thing) and You (the person referred to).

KimoYou means: you as the person reading this, to be wearing something – and in this case, something special. KimoYou kimonos are truly one of a kind. Each design is reversible, with a solid color on one side and a print on the other. 

Our kimonos can be worn in several ways and lets you cherish the beautiful moments with yourself, as well as with others. Comfortable to wear at home, in the garden, at the spa or sauna, a party or any other special occasion.

KimoYou kimonos are made from 100% cotton, silk and viscose, which makes each side feel super soft and ensures you experience quality comfort every time you wear it. At KimoYou we work with exclusive materials, resulting in a limited range of kimono’s per choice of fabric and collection.

This way KimoYou remains its exclusivity and you as a customer will receive a special and limited edition item.

KimoYou takes inspiration from the designs of classic Japanese kimonos; three quarter sleeves with a slit and an Obi-like sash, which is attached to the kimono. This not only prevents the shifting, loosening and possibly losing of the sash, but also offers different ways in which it can be knotted or tied. KimoYou stands for luxury, sensuality and quality comfort. Each kimono lets women exude their sensual sense of self and helps men do the same with their sex appeal.

A kimono from KimoYou is a unique addition to every wardrobe, for sale in a range of sizes and exclusively available at the KimoYou.Shop.

The benefits of our Kimono’s

  • Cotton of high quality 100% 100%
  • Comfort 100% 100%
  • Unique 100% 100%
  • For man and women 100% 100%

Team of KimoYou

Willeke Brouwer

Founder of KimoYou!

My wish to be “dressed” in an original Japanese kimono once became a reality. I was dressed by a Japanese lady in the most beautiful fabrics and dressed as a real “geisha”.

The experience is a real experience. I then decided that I wanted to release a simpler version from the original, traditional Japanese kimono line. Easier to put on and wear, but with the same allure feeling once you put it on This was KimoYou KimoYou kimonos are not created just like that, they are partly made by machine, but mostly by hand.

Even the folding and packaging is done with care and love.

Arthur de Mie

This professional photographer (15 years professional), (inter) national

Also committed to charities, including people with a disability photography

We have included Arthur in the KimoYou team as a “regular” photographer and it’s great that he thinks along with everything!

Henny Seijsener

This “beauty” has made our models even more beautiful thanks to her true art of Make-up & hairstyling.

Among her clientele she can add well-known Dutch people to her portfolio and she also runs a BMB lounge in Heemstede and an Event agency.

We would like to have this spirited and always smiling lady in the KimoYou team.


Diane Louise Hilton

In the prime of her life and with a career in international fitness competitions, modeling and running her own business, her life changed overnight.

Due to a mega medical error and years of pain and operations, she ended up in a wheelchair.

This amazing and beautiful” power woman has not given up and makes every day like a good and new day.

Together with her 3 wonderful and beautiful sons she lives in an adapted house, drives an adapted car and sports again.

KimoYou was honored to have her in front of the camera in a fantastic photo shoot.

Thank you dear Diane Louise, you are an example to many!